Hi! I´m Maya Ibuki. This is my diary. I work at NERV headquarters. 
Im part of the Neon Genesis Evangelion World.
I registered most of the facts happened  in this organization. Oficcialy and non-officialy.
I also have a photo album,and  a Links section.
In my photo album i have  pictures of: (click on  letf button of the mouse and then click view image)
Katsuragi misato

Ikari Shinji


Ayanami Rei

Sohrryu Asuka Langley



Akagi Ritsuko , Ikari  Gendou


Maya´s  pictures( its me!!!!!!)

Kaji Royuji , Suzuhara Touji , Aida Kensuke , Horaki Hikari
EVA-oo(uptadet test-type) , EVA-o1, EVA-o4 , EVAo5,
 Shito (Angels)
 Nagisa Kaworu (he is also a shito)

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NGE music

Great anime searcher: anipike
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